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The Sycamore House is the newest addition to our Center of Hope campus. It sleeps a total of 16. With the capacity to sleep 10 men and 6 women. It is not part of our restorative program. Instead it is for individuals that choose not to be a part of our restorative program. If someone is intoxicated or under the influence of a substance we don't want them to be stuck out in the cold weather. So the Sycamore House is where they can come to be safe, warm and fed. The check in process for the Sycamore House is a little different then the other houses. Here it is on a first come first serve basis for people that need a warm place to sleep. An individual can check in everyday at 4:30 p.m for the night. They can shower, wash their clothing and eat dinner. And we hope that one day maybe they will choose to come over to our restorative program.

Phone: 406-565-5002