Meet The Staff

These are the faces of The Butte Rescue Mission. Each one of our team members play a vital role in The Mission and the work that it does. A big thank you goes out to all of our excellent team, volunteers, and donors. Without them it wouldnt be possible for us To Invest In Lives To Make A Difference.
  1. Roxella "Rocky" Lyons
    Rocky started as the Executive Director for The Butte Rescue Mission on September 10, 2014.
  2. Karen Turnbull
    "Working at the Rescue Mission has given me a sense of accomplishment in more ways than one. I can say that I truly enjoy coming to work everyday!" Karen started as the Office Manager for The Butte Rescue Mission on Feburary 1, 2017
  3. Chad Hemphill
    " It's a life changing experience to be able to work with people in need. The relationship I have with Jesus Christ grows on a daily basis and this job is a strong foundation for such growth to be built upon. Praise God for such a job. May he work through me daily to help others." Chad started has a sorter for The Butte Rescue Mission on July 18, 2016 and is now our Thrift Store Manager.
  4. TJ Berkopec
    " I enjoy working here at the Rescue Mission, I am able to help people that are in need. There aren't a lot of jobs where you can do that and people appreciate the help you can offer here." TJ started as a Dorm Attendant for the Butte Rescue Mission on August 7, 2015 and is now currently at our Thrift Store
  5. Heather Raymond
    Heather started as a Clothes Sorter for the Butte Rescue Mission on June 27, 2016
  6. Corinne Franklin
    Corinne started at the Butte Rescue Mission as a Clothes Sorter on October 3, 2017. " This job opportunity presents many new avenues for my life . I've learned new valuable ways to help people through the community as well as personally influencing in a positive way. This job is and will continue to; expand my skill set, improve confidence and present a welcoming connection to faith and family.Thank-you Butte Rescue Mission Thrift Store."
  7. Janice Downey
    Janice started working for the Butte Rescue Mission as the Development Coordinator on November 17, 2017. " I truly love my job because I see it as God's will that the Butte Rescue Mission can continue its work."

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