We've made donating simple for those with an open heart, simply click the donate button. No donation is too small, and all of it goes to helping someone in need. For just $7.50 you can help someone get shelter for a night, and just $2.00 can help someone recieve a warm meal. Anything helps. Thank-you.
What your donation can do:

  • In 2016, your gifts to the Butte Rescue MIssion provided 15,307 nights of lodging, averaging 41.9 per night.
  • That includes 1,708 children, 3,694 women, and 9,905 men.
  • In 2016, the Butte Rescue Mission served 41,130 meals ( an average of 105 meals per day)
  • ​For just $2.oo you can provide a person with a hot shower at the YMCA.
Big thanks to our high impact donations!

Thank you for your generosity and continued support through these trying times for the Butte Rescue Mission.
As the Butte Rescue Mission is moving ahead to get an emergency shelter in place, it is critical that our supporters are diligent in keeping the Mission covered in prayer and your financial support steadfast.